If you....

Think I got bored, wrong, just a lot of work. I've been a lil busy these days. But I will try to have my time to post here. Well my japanese classes are quite alright now, I'm doing some great caligraphy, so that said my sensei, so I'm a bit proud. Now I'm trying to memorize the whole thing, cos there are a lot of characters to learn, so I'm picking some words in romaji and re writing them in hiragana, is the best way to learn them.

I'm also writting Sei Shonagon's book. The Pillow Book, such a poetic writting, even thou it's about nothing and jet everything. Now I'm waiting for the first novel ever written, Murasaki Shikibu's Genji Monogatari and her diary.Hope it's even better than this one.

Now, back to work today I'm on call, that means I'll be in my Unit until tomorrow.


I'm writing again

Yey, I got a new idea a crossover and I hopew it works. At least for the friends I have I think it would be funny to read, or at least I hope so. Not too many stories that I wrote are too popular... the most it's Last Chance on the Stairway that made them laugh and cry... Was a big hit. Probably I will start posting it here, even thou it's in Spanish and not too many of you will understand it.


It was great

The Japanese classes were just awesome! I mean, it was really great even thou I just started and I know it will be really hard, specialy the formality subjects, but I know it will be fun that's for sure.
that's funny

I'm done!

I finaly finished all my Rurouni Kenshin fan fic stories. They are all in spanish thou, sorry, but I was never that good writing stories in english (I need a beta reader, but always have problems with them cos they never do their job, lol) So I leave you my profile page if you can read in Spanish and please leave feedback I love it, helps me improve my writing of course

You can also check my fave writers, some of them were friends of mine lonmg time ago...



I just found a Japanese private tutor so I will start my classes this saturday at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. I'm so happy,cos now Ifeel that I can speak in a new language with new posibilities of comunicatin with more ppl in the planet and why not, writing secret things, LOL.

Wish me luck, hope I can manage this language soon.
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Want to speak another language

I'm doing my research in other to fin a good professor who can teach me Japanese. That's the new language I want to speak now. I know English and Spanish by default, so I want to learn another language and expand my posibilities. Let's just hope everything turns fine and I start soon my Japanese classes.
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really mad!!

It's official

I just hate fans, I hate fans of everything, they treat you like they know better of everything and cos you don't know that much you're not a good fan or either you just don't like what they like. I rather be a loner fan than being in another comunity again.

My desk looks great

Now I want to work here and live here. It looks so nice and cute. I really lñove now my working place looks so mine. Even thou I'm not in it most of the time (my work is not an office work, not completely at least) But when I arrive I feel so welcome, lol.

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Relaxing weekend

After a hard working week (including saturday) I finaly got some rest. I went for some stationary shopping for my desk in the office, now the personality of it's complete
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