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This saturday was...

This saturday was really moved I must say. It started at 5 o'clock with a call from the Unit, two girls were missing. So, that whole dfay was working on it. I just missed my manicure and pedicure apoinments, I missed going to a friends house to a little party, made go late to another party and it almost dargged all my energy, but the result worth it, the girls apared and they were safe and unharmed so that was great for us. Made all the effort worth every single minute.

By night, I just finaly met Marilu, the artist and Duran fan that lives in NYC. I must say she's awesome, it's like Anaïs Nin, like a book character and the most intresting person I met in years, never thought I would met and feel someone like her. It's like she's not real at all, so weird I must say. We had the greatest time and we shared thoughts and conversations till 5:45 in the morning and hours past too fast. She promise me being her editor, cos like Nin she writes diaries and she want them being public, so I think that would be awesome, she offer me money for that but I can assure you I don't need it, just having all those thoughts would be the best price enough although I should suget her to pay me with a painting. I think it would look awesome on my new apartment, cos I'm planning to buy an apartment now I can. Now I need to find a place that worth it all the effort. For now on, thou I have some bookmarkers she gave me as a gift wonderfull art works that I love to have in the books I'm reading. They are so cool!!

Ok, back to Marilu. Ok, how do I describe her? Tall, blond hair, tailor trousers, sneakers, a very low pitch voice, sounds like velvet, so weird! If have to compare would be like some characters that I create, like Ania, BB, Pauline Taylor and Paula. All of them a bit alter ego and all the things I'm not but I admire or I am but I have to keep in secret... Except for the sneakes cos I don't like to wear sneakers that much, I do prefer boots and heels and caterpillar shoes, lol.

Her music, it's my music, That is almost like watching yourself at the mirror, Duran Duran, Japan, David Sylvian, Bryan Ferry, Roxy Music, Bowie, 80's classics in general and some of the 70's and a bit of the 90's... Books, pretty much the same Anaïs Nin, some funny Chinese literature, some poetry. Wonder if she would like manga and anime like I do.

The big point were I do differ with her is that she's a plastic artist and well, I must say that with any luck I can draw a stick man. She designs most of her cloth, speacialy her trousers, she can paint so great, I would love to have one of her paintings so bad!! Well you can see it for yourself, I post one of them here at the very beginning of this post, yes that is her. I would never can do such a wonderful job. Maybe that's why I choose writing and I love writing, cos that's my way to express my feelings and my thoughts. Way that can only make you use the imagination, cos you can not see, but read about the places and the memories.

Now I'm reading one of the books she gave me, Anaïs Nin's  Adolescence Diary, from 1919 to 1920. I must say when she was 16 years old or so, she was just as geek as I was at the same age, weird, huh? I guess it's not that bad the, cos my diaries at the same age were just like hers, so maybe I should not feel so bad about them.

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