September 2nd, 2009


I'm tired!

I must say i was actualy falling asleep in the patrol car, I'm really tired, besies today was all weird, there was an attack on the Homicide department. An attack!! Was scary cos you ant to think in this times things like that happens, cos oh well is not like Chile in the 70 or the 80, where ppl were mad about everything about the goverment, but now, just a lot of brats who don't think we are like them ppl with feelings, family and being the Police Force is just another work. That made me even more tired and things are coming harder now we are closer to our own 9/11 (yes we have one and it's way much older that WTC attack) and it's extremly political, if we can call a lot of stupid brats who didn't even were born by 1973 not even by 1980, I can say without any doubts they didn't even born by 1990, so they don't know what it means living under a totalitary regime, they just don't know, cos they didn't live it, no matter what older ppl tell us about it, they just didn't live that time. But, we have to take all the blame when this kids attack us.
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